Q - What makes Surcare kinder to skin than other brands?
A - Many washing powders and liquids contain perfumes and dyes which can irritate the skin. Surcare is non-biological (does not contain enzymes) and is free from any added dyes or perfumes. The range is dermatologically tested and approved and all other ingredients are specially selected to be suitable for sensitive skins.

Q - Is Surcare suitable for laundering babies' clothing?
A - Yes. The independent dermatologolist approved Surcare range make caring for your baby's skin less of a worry and can help in controlling dry, sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and preventing flare-ups.

Q - Will using Surcare cure my eczema?
A - Using Surcare will not cure sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Published literature and in-patient evaluation in dermatologist clinics has shown that some perfume and dye ingredients can aggravate skin conditions. For this reason we formulate Surcare without these materials.

Please Note: No effective household detergent can be guaranteed suitable for people with serious skin conditions. If you suffer from unusually sensitive skin, please contact your doctor for advice.

Q - What preservative is used in the fabric conditioner and washing up liquid?
A - The preservative in the fabric conditioner is phenoxyethonol. The preservative used in the washing up liquid is Dimethylol Glyco.

Q - What are Optical Brighteners?
A - Optical Brightener is an ingredient commonly used in many laundry detergents; its purpose is to make white coloured garments appear whiter and brighter.

Q - Is Surcare suitable for use on wool and silk garments?
A - Surcare laundry products are suitable for use on mixed fibres but for delicate pure wools and silks we would always recommend that a specific wool/delicates approved product be used.

Q - Is the packaging recyclable?
A - All the packaging used for the Surcare range is fully recyclable with the exception of the caps on the laundry liquid as they are mixed plastics, these can be disposed of with your general waste.

Q - Where can I obtain a dosing device?
A - A scoop for the powder or a ball for the liquid can be obtained by phoning 0800 585919

Q - Are there any household cleaning products available in the Surcare range?
A - There are currently only laundry and dish wash products available in the Surcare range.

Q - Where can I buy Surcare products?
A - Surcare is sold through all the major retailers.

Q - What is your Animal Testing policy?
A - Please click here to view our policy.


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