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The Surcare Senstive Range holds Allergy UK’s ‘Seal of Approval’  for the following products within the range:

•  Surcare Sensitive Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid 630ml
•  Surcare Sensitive Laundry Powder 650g
•  Surcare Sensitive Laundry Powder 1.625kg
•  Surcare Sensitive Laundry Sachets 24.5ml
•  Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK.  They provide a dedicated helpline, support network and online forum for those with allergy and intolerance.

They also help to educate health care professionals who work with patients with allergic conditions.

Allergy UK’s main endorsement is the 'Seal of Approval'. When you see a product with this logo on it, you have the reassurance the product has been scientifically tested to prove it is efficient at reducing/removing allergens from the environment of allergy and asthma sufferers or the products have significantly reduced allergen/chemical content.

The testing is carried out by an independent laboratory to protocols which have been created for the Seal of Approval by leading allergy specialists, specifically to benefit the sufferers of allergy, asthma, sensitivity and intolerance.


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